The New (and Better!) Way to SEO

To be truly successful, your SEO marketing should:

  • Get you first page SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) placements, AND…
  • Pre-Qualify and pull-in your best customers, AND…
  • Deliver high-value customers, sales and lead generation! 

Here’s how we do it:

  • First we  pre-qualify and sort ALL your prospects by the keywords they created to search. We get Google’s search data – 10 thousands to 100’s of  thousands of keywords, showing every relevant search. 
  • Next, our Sweet Spots program groups keywords looking for the same things and totals their searches to project ROI.   We target their long-tail keywords (70% of all searches). On average, these are your most decided prospects, more motivated and telling you specifically what they want. 
  • Then you choose your Customer Sweet Spots – the searchers you can best sell  to.   

In addition, targeting high-value customers from their long-tail keyword searches makes SEO and Pay-Per-Click marketing easier and more rewarding.  See our write-up in Inc. Magazine:  internet marketing strategy “Cracks the Code to SEO Success”.

Your Result:

You pull in all the best customers you can sell to!

You optimize with the exact keywords your best customers are using to search, and…

You know the specific content to feature to them – the exact content that Google needs to give you good PPC and SEO placements, and…

High Conversion SEO Internet Marketing

You are optimizing against low search page competition, and…

By targeting your most salable customers from their searches,  and feature to each exactly what they want to get, these work together to SEO your  customer-targeting website pages!

Bottom-line, your Customer Sweet Spots give you your best online customers with the content management strategy for high conversion SEO Internet Marketing – multiplying your customers, sales and lead generation.

The Result: more and better customers, lead generation and sales,B

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