Everyone knows that first page search positions on Google get about 85% of customer traffic. Smaller & mid-sized businesses are generally at a disadvantage for these top positions because they have smaller websites, less sophisticated optimization, fewer pages, and can’t afford the bulk or staff to ‘make it happen’.

However, by targeting customers, our search engine marketing solution enables small & mid-sized businesses to optimize and market successfully for top spots. Your best high-conversion SEO internet marketing strategy is to OPTIMIZE FOR CUSTOMERS, NOT TRAFFIC!

SEO Tips / How to do it & Why…

First, good SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing should be about getting you customers, sales and leads.  Traffic and high search positions are useless (and expensive!) if they don’t get you business.

FIRST and BEST: Use our Sweet Spot program to choose the customers you can best sell to by their long-tail keyword searches.  These long-tail keywords tell you specifically what they want, will have more decided and motivated buyers, and less SEO & PPC competition.

The BIGGEST TIP is that the keywords you select for your website will determine the customers you will get. Our Sweet Spots program’s long-tail keyword research tool gives you the intel to choose your best customers from their keyword searches, and makes successful SEO and PPC much simpler, WITH MORE & BETTER SALES AND LEADS!

First, build your website for your customers, and use our Sweet Spots program to choose your streams of best customers worth optimizing for – who are already searching for the products, services and solutions you offer.  The more you structure your website for your chosen customers’ needs, the better it will succeed.

Work with a professional web developer, but first organize your content into sections – one for each chosen Sweet Spot’s customers. This gives you an internet marketing  strategy, organizes your content and navigation, and cuts costs. 

The long-tail keywords in each Sweet Spot describe your specific content those customers are searching for, with the topic pages they want to see, and use the keywords in each Sweet Spot section’s page addresses. Also, this is the content and  keyword page addresses that optimizes your website, so Google and others know where to list you. 

Use WordPress for your website content – it’s Google search-friendly and you can easily make changes to respond to your markets.

You don’t have to be perfect, just more relevant than your SEO competition to what your most salable customers’ keywords are searching for. See Game-Changing Small Business SEO

Our online customer-targeting optimizes a high-converting Landing Page for each Customer Sweet Spot you choose. Then you start with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) online marketing for each Landing Page. This lets you quickly try your online customer flow and sales one-at-a-time vs. optimizing your whole website for SEO. When you know which are your best winners, then SEO for those pages to get the other 50% of your search engine customers.

The only way to get your best targeted website traffic is to see and compare ALL your customers’ Sweet Spots with their totaled keyword search volume. Your Customer Sweet Spots makes it easy – giving you simple business criteria to target the customers who will be your most salable, profitable and satisfiable.  

It’s truly like having a box of candy and choosing those you like best. And we work with you to make it happen!high-value

Sales-Driven Search-Engine Optimization Tips