Small businesses are often at a disadvantage trying to SEO for good traffic –a game largely won by big websites with hundreds of pages, many links, huge budgets, and brand-name click-through support.

Small Business Internet Marketing

But, with our customer-targeting search engine marketing solution small businesses win with game-changing SEO advantages – here’s how:

Google and other search engines are engineered to deliver the most relevant search results from available websites to their users.  While search engines have hundreds of algorithms to counter cheating, the  usual top 3 SEO factors are Content, Links and History. The 4th determining factor (never mentioned) is Low Competition! To win (IT’S SIMPLE):

The keywords you use determine the customers you get. Instead of assuming your keywords (low 1% to 3% average conversions – mostly responses with few sales), choose your customers by the keywords they are already using to search!  This gets you higher conversions and better customers with lower SEO and PPC competition.  And our online Customer Sweet Spots program does just that!

How? Choose your best customers from the  long-tail keywords your prospects are already searching with – our Customer Sweet Spots program makes this easy. Optimizing for sales works better with keywords with three or more words (70% of all keyword searches).  

Searchers using long-tail keywords are more decided and motivated, and are telling you exactly what they want to find.  Long -tail keywords have fewer searchers, but better customers and more sales and leads. – with LESS ONLINE COMPETITION. 

It doesn’t get better than that!  When you have chosen your customers by what they are already searching for, everything become easy.

The right SEO content is directly relevant to your keyword success. With our content management strategy, proactively choosing your online customers who want your expertise makes this easy and productive – you have just the right content to feature.

By choosing Customer Sweet Spots where you are the expert, getting enough quality inbound links is seldom a problem – your suppliers and marketers are great sources.

History is “How long you have had your website up”. The more specific your customer-targeting keyword optimization is, the less history you need.

You are SEOing for your best customers, with the most profitable online demand and low competition. 

Targeting your best online customers leverages it all for you – you are SEO’ing with exactly the relevant content and links to win top SEO placements against less targeted websites. 

And, we work with you every step of the way!

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