The Small Business Data Problem – And The Solution: 

Our Sweet Spots Program gives you the data that matters targeting the online customers that DO WANT what your company provides, and puts all the advantages on your side to make sales happen.
Here’s how  – it makes proven business sense,  has huge online marketing advantages, and is proven over eight years (see Case Studies): 

Online sales come from motivated customers who find what they are searching for, and the keywords they create to search tell you what they want.

Moreover, the longer the keyword they are using to search, on average the more decided, specific and motivated they are to act.

Using our long-tail keyword research tool, our process captures authoritative and validated customer keyword data –  sorting and grouping through all the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of your relevant prospects’ searches for your company’s products, services and solutions: 

“78% of buyers start their journey with a web search”* And, the 56% most effective digital channels used for collecting data are websites and eCommerce**.  70%  of searches are long-tail keywords. The keyword data we use comes from Google, and NO ONE LIES TO A SEARCH ENGINE. 

Then our Sweet Spot program filters out the ‘tourists’ and delivers your decided and motivated prospects, sorted by exactly what they want and grouped with their totaled keyword search volume – their online market demand. With our Sweet Spot data mining, it’s simple to choose all the best customers you want to get!

The result is directly actionable Big Data for Small & Mid-sized Companies:  With our Sweet Spot data-driven online marketing, you choose your customers by what they are already searching to get – and sell to them what they are motivated to buy!  

Huge Advantages with Your Sweet Spots Online Customer-Targeting:

You target your customers by what they already want to get.

It enables you to choose  the customers you can best sell to – your most profitable and satisfiable,  and with their online search demand.

Data-Driven Online Marketing

It shows you the sales and markets you can have but are NOT getting.

Each customer’s keywords tell you the exact content they want to seeI

It gives you the precise intel for customer-targeting Landing Page optimization and high-converting SEO internet marketing.

For example:

A start-up client in the restaurant temp employment space needed to precisely target their online marketing to restaurant clients and to recruit part-time help.

We found over 150,000 relevant Google keywords being searched – each keyword with its search volume. Our Sweet Spot program sorted through 225 million data matches of closely related searches of 3, 4 and 5-word long-tail keywords, delivering over 100 Sweet Spots that targeted their best customers, each with their total search volume and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) competition.

Our client not only found exactly the markets and part-time help to go after, and was able to target regional and national SEO roll-outs, but also surprising demand in new markets they hadn’t truly considered.

It’s simple – proven over 8 years: With our Sweet Spot data intel, you choose your customers by what they are already searching to get – and sell to them what they already want to buy! 

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