Customer-Targeted Small Business Internet Marketing

Your best small business internet marketing is the one that brings you:

Great sales and profits! Think what significantly increasing customers and sales would mean to growing your business!

Customer satisfaction, retention and word-of-mouth!

Winning leverage against larger competition!

Instead of chasing traffic, which makes you compete with major marketers, our search engine marketing solution lets you choose and pull in ALL your best online customers for your products, services and solutions.

How do we target the”Best”? “Best” means those customers that are telling you, with their long-tail keyword searches, specifically what they want, with good volume, profits. and that are the most decided, motivated and ready to act.

Then we work with you to choose the best customers for your business, pull them in and sell to them what they are already searching to find. Want to see customer-targeting in action?  See our Case Studies.


For small businesses, winning online marketing  against bigger competitors is a bit like ju-jitsu. Pre-qualifying customers by what they are searching for identifies ALL the salable and profitable niches where you can win, and that are ideal for the hands-on attention of a small business. The bottom-line is you win against larger companies.

First, our long-tail keyword research tool shows you ALL the high-value / low competition customers that are searching – with their online market demand  /keyword search volume. Then you  see and choose those that are the most  decided, salable and profitable for you, and MOST IMPORTANT – those who you can best satisfy from their own needs, and who will spread the word how wonderful you are. This keeps you from SEOing for traffic against large websites.

Then, by choosing your most decided customers from what they are already searching for, you have the best content management strategy and high-conversion SEO internet marketing.

Targeting  your online customers by what they are already searching for gives you a simple and winning internet marketing strategy.  You are building your website to get more  and better customers – who are already searching for what you provide, and that are your most salable, profitable and satisfiable.

Tell us about your business and we will work with you at every step to make it all happen! 

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