SMC Data Systems advises and supports clients with supply chain and inventory from online marketing, new customers and growth. 

Dani Kaplan, CEO:

Your trusted advisor for supply chain software solutions.

“I established SMC Data Systems http://www.smcdata.com in 1980 and work on long-term relationships. Since establishing SMC Data Systems, we have been helping Supply Chain Companies lower their operating costs and grow their businesses.”

“I have represented the VAI S2K IBM Award Winning Software for the Food, Distribution, Manufacturing Lumber and Pharma Industries for the past 20 years. VAI clients achieve 99% inventory accuracy in the warehouse and reduced errors on orders shipped by 99.95%.”

Dani’s business articles about how to lower cost, streamline operations, and improve business flow were published by major magazines and can be found on our website link “Guide / Articles” http://www.smcdata.com .


  • How to Control Your Landed Costs
  • The Cost of Doing Business
  • Effect the Next Generation On The Family Business
  • The Benefits Of Having Integrated Website With ERP Software
  • The Fear of Buying New ERP Software
  • The Benefits of Having Modern ERP Software
  • Challenges Business Face In Today’s Global Reality
  • Guide to Selecting New Software
  • The Trusted Advisor
  • How to Lower Costs
  • Motivation



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