Customer-Targeting Partner Program

Does this sound familiar? You are doing a presentation to a prospective client who could really use you, and they ask:

“This sounds fine and impressive, but when do we get new customersHow do we project ROI for your services? How will you multiply our sales? How is your bottom-line result different from your competitors? “

Here’s where we make you a winner!

Our customer-targeting strategic internet marketing solves this, and gives you game-changing marketing & business advantages against competition.

It’s blazingly simple: With our Sweet Spot online customer-targeting data-driven marketing, prospects and clients see NEW streams of decided and motivated online customers – with their online search demand numbers so clients can project their added ROI.

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The client sees immediately the B2B and B2C customer streams they can get with your company, and choose ALL the ones they want – their most salable, profitable and satisfiable.

Then we work with you to deliver ALL the customers looking online for their products, services and solutions –directly and immediately actionable.

You will have the exact Sweet Spot keywords that pull-in chosen customers

The will know the exact content, features and benefits these customers want to see to contact and convert

SEO & PPC are effective and easy because highly targeted keywords have low competition

Client’s sales, leads and customers are MULTIPLIED by choosing multiple Sweet Spots.

Think of it: Our strategic internet marketing lets you walk into your client’s or prospect’s offices with decided, motivated and actionable customers who DO want your client’s specific products, services and solutions, with quantified market demand – that bottom-line validates your services!

And, you are protected from mass competitors because our program is patented.

Our Customer-Targeting Sweet Spots supports marketing agencies and related services:

Advertising, Marketing & PR Agencies Business Consultants

Business Coaches

Business Development & Lead Generation

Content Providers

CRM & Marketing Data

Digital and Social Marketing

Events & Promotions

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

Online Marketing, SEO & PPC

Sales Training

Web Developers


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