Michael Schein Communications is the originator of a process called Content Casting that is designed to produce a steady supply of remarkable content in order to increase online sales.

“We’ve created or facilitated the production of content for companies such as eBay, LinkedIn, Avectra, TESLA, Inc., Interiors by Steven G, SEER Interactive, Interneer, Arise Virtual Solutions, and Citrix.”

“In addition to providing website content writing when necessary, the company’s system takes advantage existing resources from your team and the larger online community to give you game-changing advantages without adding excessive workload or ongoing expense. By tapping into universal storytelling structures and time-tested content blueprints, and partnering with e-MI’s customer-targeting online business marketing, Michael Schein Communications uncovers and implements the specific content management strategy necessary for successful, bottom-line online lead generation marketing.”

“In the 21st century, it’s essential that people perceive you as an authority on the Internet if you want better sales & ROI. That requires content, and lots of it. Influencers look at it to figure out whether to spread the word about you. Potential customers use it to decide whether to buy what you’re selling. Attempts at content marketing are everywhere, but far too many companies are failing at it. What better website content management strategy can you have than to use e-MI’s Sweet Spots program** (patent-protected) to choose your best customers, and then to feature to each the content they are searching for?”

“Effective creative website content management takes systems and strategy. That’s where Michael Schein Communications comes in. Their specialty is empowering you to become the recognized guru of your field. Your ability to have high-conversion SEO internet marketing now and into the future, relies on it.”

“The days of interrupting people with sales and marketing messages are over. The question is what are you going to do instead? Michael Schein Communications turns you into a consistent producer of the kind of content customers actually want to receive. Don’t be surprised when business starts falling into your lap.”

Michael Schein
Micro Fame Media
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