JB Design is dedicated to creating superior visual identity across a range of media. They conceive, create, design, and implement corporate materials of all kinds, advertising, apps, web sites, email campaigns, and corporate and brand identity programs. JB Design fully understands and creatively executes e-MI’s customer-targeting online business marketing. JB Design’s expertise lies in the effective organization, with imaginative and engaging presentation of complex information to a range of audiences across various media.

JB Design works with clients from local non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 global companies with a similar objective — to translate their business objectives into a unique brand, with new business opportunities. From creating a single campaign to functioning as an off-site marketing department, they remain an ongoing resource for their clients. As a full-service firm, clients rely on their capabilities of business strategy, branding, technology and design to create communications that define and differentiate their clients from their competitors.

“Why are we different? We listen. We work both strategically and visually, and we collaborate with our clients to best further their vision.”

Bold design. Engaging delivery. Memorable results.

J Berry
JB Design
(203) 750-9698