Cathleen Bahan Consulting conducts market research, develops marketing strategy and creates online and print communications for businesses and nonprofits.

We’re probing analysts, who craft action plans that are based on a solid understanding of market dynamics in order to discover and pursue overlooked opportunities.

Market Research
Not satisfied with the leads you’re generating or your bottom line? Some quick research may unearth the problem. We can help you better understand market perceptions, customer needs, competitive threats and more.  Through surveys, interviews and online research, we get the information you need to excel. 

We’ll analyze the market environment and your competitive strengths to help you determine what to sell, to whom, and how – and even target new customers and markets.  Segmentation and personas. Product definition. Marketing plans and campaigns.

We can help develop your positioning and supporting messages, then follow through with both online content and print communications that set you apart.  Websites, email marketing, newsletters, case studies, blogs, brochures and more. We excel at making complex subjects understandable and engaging for the average reader. 

Great marketing doesn’t have to be expensive— just smart, disciplined and agile.

Cathy Bahan
Cathleen Bahan Consulting