Every good customer is precious, especially in B2B.

It’s a  high value transaction between experts – you and your customers

It requires professional information and expertise

No matter what sale you are making, it’s your beat opportunity to build a go-to expert relationship

“…increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.” Forbes, Bain & Co. 2015.

To do that, you win by ‘being about’ each customer’s business.  With  our data-driven online marketing, you target your best customers by their needs, and can provide exactly relevant products and expertise:

Increase Your Business to Business Ecommerce

Targeting products, services and solutions to pre-qualified customers multiplies up-sells and cross-sells

Downloaded whitepapers that are ‘spot on’ – and harvest contact information

Online chats and calls by your experts

Online customizable spec sheets and quote forms

Customer accounts that send alerts and keep lists for new products, new regulations, OSHA updates, previous orders, special buys, etc.

Newsletter topics by industry and use

“Especially in the B2B world… 78% of buyers start their buying process with a web search”*  and our customer-targeting Sweet Spot search engine marketing solution puts you right where they are searching with exactly what they want to see.

You will know in advance your best B2B customers by what they need and you can best sell to them. Then, with targeted profit-driven high-converting landing pages, you pull in your most salable customers and sell to them the products, services and solutions they are already decided and motivated to buy.

And we consult with you every step of the way!

* Act-On Software, The High-Performance Marketing Plan, 2016

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