How to Sell Products Online

Customers  are searching for your products three ways:

For the product

For the solution your product provides, even if they don’t know your product exists

In surprising new markets

In short, your customer is anyone searching for the products, services and solutions you provide – even if you haven’t thought of them!

For example…

Our client is an established mid-sized “Made in America” manufacturer of excellent moisture-wicking tee shirts, underwear, sleepwear and related apparel, who was getting ‘killed’ by a major manufacturer.  Their SEO, Pay-Per-Click and affiliate marketing all “kind of” worked, but not enough. On their web developer’s recommendation, they contacted us.

In finding the online customer demand and keywords for each of their items, we also found other related SOLUTIONS people were looking for – “perspiration comfort”, “sleep disorders” and “hot flashes and night sweats”.

With their web developer, we added Landing Pages with content featuring their products for each solution – “Hot & Cold Occupations”, “Camping Comfort” and “Menopause / Hot Flashes & Night Sweats”.

The bottom-line: Instead of battling head-to-head with a well-funded competitor, our search engine marketing solution raised their ecommerce sales and profits for the same moisture-wicking tee-shirts and apparel 39% in the first year with significantly higher margins and wider word-of-mouth recommendations.

Especially for ecommerce, using our Sweet Spot Program to pre-qualify customers by what they are already searching to get, gives you the best high-conversion SEO internet marketing to pull them in, and the  exact selling content to feature to them.   

And we consult with you every step of the way!

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