The Best Way to Develop Your Ecommerce is to Target Your Customers by What They Already Want to Find

Our B2B and B2C high-conversion SEO internet marketing works particularly well with ecommerce because nearly all of these websites are built to easily update specific content for product descriptions.

A bit deeper, ecommerce websites are usually built on a database structure with inter-linked cells for each related product’s photo, SKU number, price, related offers and (most importantly) content for each product’s description & use:

Ecommerce Website Development

So, if your customers are looking for the same product for different purposes, targeting your best customers by their keyword searches gives your ecommerce a content management strategy that easily optimizes each Landing Page with customized descriptions exactly matching each Sweet Spot’s customers’ search interests.

With our Sweet Spot search engine marketing solution, your website is easily programmed to feature to each chosen customer exactly what product she or he wants – and with its market demand and sales path tracking.

With online customer-targeting, your SEO and Pay-Per-Click optimization and ecommerce conversion rates get major lifts from:

Having your targeted customers’ specific keyword terms in the descriptions, and links to accessories, whitepapers, suppliers’ links, etc. and…

Internal keyworded links in your website’s navigation and content to support cross-sells and up-sells, with accessories and product-use information, and…

The SEO and PPC competition for specific customer-targeted Landing Pages is low, so you get higher search placements, each with pre-qualified customers clicking on what they are searching for,

Building your website from your chosen customers’ keyword searches combines stand-out content and offer relevance with strong search optimization.  Our internet marketing consulting services include consulting with your developer to pull-in your targeted customers to make the most of your sales, and build your satisfied customers, retention and word-of-mouth referrals

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