“Optimization” means having winning content of specific value to customers, as well as for search engines.

In ecommerce, Landing Pages are “Buy” pages – and are a great place to feature accessories, up-sells, cross-sells, and checklists – that exactly fit your chosen customers’ keyword search!  For both B2B and B2C, our customer-targeting Sweet Spot search engine marketing solution delivers your best customers by what they are already searching to buy, so you know exactly what to feature to them.

Targeted Landing Page Optimization

In B2B Ecommerce, the same product could be used in different industries, (e.g.: “Interior painter’s scaffold” or “HVAC Interior scaffold”), etc. Having different landing & buying pages for specific customers’ searches lets you feature different solutions, “tips”, accessories, OSHA & Safety requirements, etc.  – so, the customer knows you are the go-to expert for what they need. Using the customers’ search keywords in supporting pages’ text and links will lift your Landing Page’s search optimization – while cutting back your online competition.

In B2C Ecommerce, customers need a good reason to “Buy Now’ –  For example, timed discounts and packages work well if they are keyed to what your targeted customers are already decided and motivated to get.  

  • Sweet Spot customers are searching with long-tail keywords, and are more decided and further along in their buying cycle.
  • If the product can be demonstrated, videos are great, with tags and captions with keyworded content to help optimize for SEO.  
  • Finally, customers often want the same thing for different reasons.  For example, instead of trying to show ‘everything to everyone’ a poster company saw how to best sell to teenage boys, apartment dwellers and corporate clients by providing special Landing Pages, features and services suited to each segment.

In both B2B or B2C, proactively targeting your most decided and motivated customers by their searches and  then featuring to them exactly what their keywords say they already want gives you a bottom-line content management strategy that supports high-conversion SEO internet marketing.

Optimizing each Landing Page for its customers builds supporting content, navigation and linking from the rest of your website – and we consult to get it done – every step of the way. A good all-purpose Landing Page checklist is “15 Landing Page Ideas to Inspire Your Next Campaign” by WordStream. 

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