Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Ecommerce websites are usually marketed as if they are department stores – with one entrance and a directory. That’s fine for ‘tourists’ who want to shop, but your best customers have to navigate through, and even then, they don’t know if you have specifically what they want.

Here’s how to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate:

Choose Your Customers by Their Searches, and Bring Them Directly to What They Want!

How? Our Sweet Spot program and search engine marketing solution do just that.

The keywords searchers create tell you you what they are interested in, and those customers using long-tail keywords are telling you specifically what they want.   Now you  can know and choose all your best customers by what they already want to find!

Then we target an exact Landing Page for each stream of Sweet Spot customers who are searching specifically for the product and/or solution you sell, and who are motivated and decided to act! 

Your Sweet Spots program will get more customers online you can best sell to, who are the most profitable, who will be the most satisfied – and in sufficient demand numbers to target.

By working from what your customers want, and using targeted  Sweet Spots to multiply customers, our clients see significantly more and better customers and improved conversion rates. Think what multiplied sales, at a lower marketing cost, would mean to your bottom-line!


Moreover, customers finding what they want, increase cross-sales and up-sales.  And even better, your customer retention, brand and word-of-mouth soars.

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