Search Optimization Services – SEO On Steroids

Your SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are more powerful when you know exactly what your best customers searching to find, – and the keywords they are using to search!

We usually advise starting with Pay-Per-Click first to get customers, and generate leads and sales from multiple Sweet Spots:

Google’s search page typically deliver 50%/50% click-throughs for AdWords PPC marketing and for SEO listings.

Google’s AdWords ranks PPC ads and Landing Pages with a higher Quality Score when their content matches the keyword’s search, and when the ads have high click-throughs.

With our online customer-targeting, each high-converting Landing Page is listed and optimized with  the exact content to pull in its stream of Sweet Spot customers, featuring to them just the products, services, solutions and expertise they are searching for – and enabling pin-point management and A/B testing to further increase results.

Your Sweet Spot search engine marketing solution multiplies your customers, leads and sales by optimizing each Landing Page with the specific content that each stream of Sweet Spot customers want to see.

Then, when you see which PPC Sweet Spot Landing Pages are selling best, we consult to SEO your website with those keywords to further multiply sales.  This way, your customer targeting online demand directs your SEO, and pays for itself at every step 

Our Customer Sweet Spots search engine marketing solution puts all the advantages on your side for SEO & PPC ‘on steroids’– multiplying your sales & leads. The result: You get more customers online with high-conversion SEO Internet marketing.

And, our internet marketing consulting services work with you every step of the way!start

Search Engine Optimization Services – SEO on Steroids!