Our Search Engine Marketing Solution & Services Targets & Multiplies Your Online Customers, Sales & Leads

Are you doing SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) but not getting enough good customers?

Our game-changing Search Engine Marketing Services target your best online customers, then pulls them in and multiplies your sales!

Here’s how you get your best customers: 

The keywords you choose determines the customers you will get – so choose the customers you want by what they are already searching to find!  But which keywords are best?

Here’s the solution – use long-tail keywords (three, four or more words).  Long-tail keywords  (70% of all searches) are created by prospects being increasingly specific in what they want (“ohio small business health insurance” vs. “business health insurance”).  On average, these searchers are:

Search Engine Marketing Solution

  • More decided, and…
  • Telling you exactly what they want, and…
  • More motivated to act, with…
  • Lower numbers of searches and competition, and higher conversions


Our long-tail keyword research tool downloads tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of online keywords searching for the products, services and solutions your company provides.  

Then our program groups together closely related keyword searches into Sweet Spots of customers intent on searching for the same thing – with their totaled keyword search volume, so you see their online market demand, and can choose the best customers to pull in and sell to. 

Grouping your online prospects and choosing your best customers by their  long-tail keywords delivers your best search engine marketing solution:

You see ALL the online prospects that you can best sell to – with validated intel to CHOOSE YOUR MOST SALABLE AND PROFITABLE CUSTOMERS BY WHAT THEY ARE ALREADY SEARCHING TO GET..

The keywords in the Sweet Spots you select are directly actionable, showing where to list your website, guiding the content your chosen customers want to see, and directing your high-conversion SEO internet marketing to make it happen

Targeting and pulling in the best customers, and selling to them what they want works across the board – for any size business or online market – and with huge  business and marketing advantages.

The bottom line: Your Sweet Spots let you choose the customers you can best sell to, with exactly the descriptions and offers they are searching to get. And, you multiply your customers and sales by choosing multiple Sweet Spots, and adding a high-converting Landing Page for each Sweet Spot that features your specific products, services and solutions those customers want to see.

We work with you every step of the way to pull-in your best online customers, and sell to them your products, services and solutions they already want!


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