Internet Marketing Consulting Services – Proactive Customer-Targeting

We work with you to:

Target and multiply your online customers, sales and lead generation.

Help you at every step through your customer targeted content creation and PPC & SEO marketing to make it happen.

We recommend starting with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing with a Landing Page for each Sweet Spot’s customers, because your customer-targeted content gives Google just what it needs to boost your Landing Pages’ Quality Score optimization against competition…

Internet Marketing Consulting ServicesPPC is fast to set up and is ready to pull-in customers right away

With Google’s page layout featuring PPC ads, approximately half of new customers click on ads

PPC can be done with a few Landing Pages at a time, whereas SEO needs to optimize the whole website for pre-targeted keywords to work

When your PPC  (Pay-Per-Click) marketing has confirmed your best customer streams by their sales, it’s time to SEO your website – to cut PPC costs and get the other 50% of your customers.  And, your ongoing PPC customers can fund your SEO development!

For an overview of our 3-step process, see Customer-Targeting Internet Marketing Consultant. 

Internet Marketing Consulting Services – Sales Targeting
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