Internet Marketing Consulting Services – Proactive Customer-Targeting

We work with you to:

Target, choose, and pull in all your best online prospects to multiply your customers, sales and lead generation.

Then we help you at every step through your content and PPC & SEO marketing to make it happen.

Start With Pay-Per-Click: We recommend starting with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing with a Landing Page for each Sweet Spot’s customers, because your customer-targeted content gives Google just what it needs to boost your Landing Pages’ optimization against competition…

Internet Marketing Consulting ServicesPPC is fast to set up and is ready to pull-in customers right away

With Google’s page layout of PPC ads, approx. half of new customers click on ads

PPC can be done with a few Landing Pages at a time, whereas SEO needs to optimize the whole website for pre-targeted keywords to work

When your PPC  (Pay-Per-Click) marketing has confirmed your best customer streams by their sales, it’s time to SEO your website – to cut PPC costs and get the other 50% of your customers.  And, your ongoing PPC customers can fund your SEO development!

For an overview of our 3-step process, see Customer-Targeting Internet Marketing Consultant. 

Internet Marketing Consulting Services – Sales Targeting
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