"Our new website keeps growing in importance, 
supporting a widening array of services, communications 
and contributions"

Situation: This 50-year-old nonprofit is a national leader in the research, education and practice of palliative care, research, clinical pastoral education, and chaplaincy practice that integrates spirituality with medical care. It derives revenue from four channels:
1. Hospitals and medical centers contracts for its clinical chaplaincy services,
2. Foundation grants that support education and research,
3. Student tuition from professional education,
4. Charitable contributions from generous donors.

Challenge: The client recognized a strong web presence was vital to widen chaplain access and brand, but previous efforts had failed to deliver a website powerful enough to support their dynamic business plan. e-M was engaged to:

  • Replace their website with one that presented their unified strategy, applied best practices to optimize user experience and search, and improve performance as measured by Google Analytics.
  • The website’s conversion rate was measured by raising the number of e-newsletter subscribers.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: e-MI conducted comprehensive keyword research marketing analysistargeted website traffic, managed the developer bids, engagement and development process, specified the website for SEO, and managed all web production.

  • More fundamentally, e-MI’s keyword research tool made the business case for every feature of the website based on quantifiable search Sweet Spots, so it would meet and surpass the larger goals of expanding the non-profit’s brand and mission.

Immediate Results:Increased e-newsletter subscriber base by 400%

  • Website Analytics:
    • Unique visitors up plus 48%
    • Visits up plus 42%
    • Page views up plus 159%
    • Time on site up plus 50%
    • Bounce Rate down -20%

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