"Web sales are up 39% for the year, and conversions 
on new customer traffic are 5% to 10%"

Situation: Our client is a national manufacturer of top quality moisture wicking “performance underwear” for sports, outdoor, and the military. Getting more customers online was most important because their products are excellent, and buyers keep coming back.

Challenge: Our client had re-strategized to sell direct on the internet rather than depending on major retailers for sales.  However, Pay-Per-Click marketing was providing net loss on sales, and affiliate marketing produced few new customers.  In addition, they were selling into seasonal markets, and were being price squeezed as a commodity product.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: The client needed an internet marketing strategy with ecommerce website development that, multiplied their customers, increased their ecommerce conversion rate and solved their seasonal sales and ‘me too’ pricing problem. Our Sweet Spots program identified market demand by product and customer need, with our long-tail keyword research tool that targeted the best prospects to pull in. Then we consulted to redevelop their ecommerce website to find and pull-in new prospects by their lifestyle interests and occupations as well as by product searches. Their Customer Sweet Spots also identified unique non-seasonal markets for moisture-wicking apparel, such as “Hot Flashes & Night Sweats”, “Occupations” and “Running T Shirts”

Results: Within 30 days following relaunch, we had added 9 buyer-focused Landing Pages with supporting ‘Buy’ product pages, each delivering a consistent stream of new customers and sales. Immediate whole website sales were up 55%, and remained up 40% annually. Sales conversions ran at 10% to 15% of new customer traffic in each of the landing pages, getting more qualified customers who were finding exactly what they wanted.

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