"Traffic tripled and…revenues increased 450%”

Situation: Client provides online resources and a market place for paying tennis members including scheduling of lessons, court time, playing partners, networking and events.

Challenge: Two years of advertising – using radio, cable TV, and lifestyle magazines – had failed to get above 600 members after a year. Budgeting and financing required 4,000 new members within in six months to hit committed profit targets.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: e-MI’s long-tail keyword research tool – targeted the prospects most likely to enroll and buy incremental services.  We re-engineered their website to become a  “proactive new business development director,” working 24/7 to find and pull in the most and profitable searchers to  pitch and convert to new tennis members. Then e-MI re-launched the website and optimized it with high-converting Landing Pages to deliver consistent streams of tennis enthusiasts as new members.

Results: Six months later, the client had achieved over 5,200 paying members. Its monthly website traffic tripled and its revenues increased 450% over the same period vs. the previous year, at one-third the marketing spend. This improvement was entirely due to our strategic internet marketing – as the client had suspended all other marketing and advertising to save money.

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