"The first $500,000 came from the internet… 
I continue to get more deals from the web…"

Situation: Client is an IBM consultant and Value-Add-Reseller in Inventory & Supply Chain Management Systems for the manufacturing, retail and warehousing industries.

Challenge: Client had diverse national markets and needed to supply higher quality leads to its sales team. Prospects were unaware of the savings and personal attention that resulted from engaging the client’s services. Time-to-sale was often over 6  to 18 months from first contact.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: e-MI’s long-tail keyword research tool identified the specific features and benefits inventory management buyers were searching for. In the process, we widened the client’s target markets to solutions as well as software products. We consulted to rebuild his website to address the interests of each targeted Sweet Spot market, with our website content management strategy that informed buyers how the client’s applications and services matched their needs. Then we optimized the client’s website, with top positions that targeted and pulled-in the client’s most profitable and desirable buyers.

Results: The client quickly got more decided and motivated customers who were further along in their buying cycle, and reduced their time-to-close to weeks rather than months. The client writes “I have closed 2 business deals totaling $650,000 in sales and services –more than 7.5 times in revenue versus my initial investment. We continue to get more deals from the web… Thanks again for all the help and support you extended to me. Please feel free to publish this as a testimonial.”  

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