"Targeting online markets and customers raised value of IPO"

Situation: An independent petroleum refiner and supplier was growing quickly and preparing for their scheduled IPO.  Their public relations firm recommended redoing their website to better tell their story, and to raise their industry profile.

Challenge: Raising their online profile at a low cost was key, and their web designer / developer was excellent, but they needed to target their messaging to key industry prospects and publications.  We were brought in to make this happen, and in a short amount of time.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: We met with them to list and understand the products they produced, and the services and solutions they provided.  Then our long-tail keyword research tool found every relevant customer search, and our program sorted and grouped these into Customer Sweet Spots, with the totaled online search market for each.  The client’s PR firm used this Sweet Spot intel to feature their new website’s content, and to get targeted website traffic. Also, their PR firm used this customer demand intel to identify their best industry publications and placed high-value ads and stories (digital and offline) to raise their profile among relevant stakeholders, to tell their story, and drive traffic to their website.

Results: By targeting and precisely messaging to their online markets and customers, the value of their IPO and industry profile was significantly increased to investors and customers – and also marketed their products.

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