"Providing growing streams of qualified leads..."

Situation:This client provides time and attendance, scheduling, payroll, HR software and  custom services to a wide range of companies with a variety of mix & match needs.

Challenge: The client needed to get more customers, and grow from small clients to mid-sized accounts, while stretching its marketing budget. The company recognized the web as a key element, but was getting little online B2B lead generation from these larger businesses.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: e-MI’s Sweet Spot long-tail keyword research marketing tool found that the client could not only precisely target these larger accounts, but could do so based on exactly what each of these customer groups wanted. e-MI re-engineered their website to find and deliver this client’s best opportunity buyers. We focused on the features, benefits and solutions those targets were seeking with high-converting Landing Pages that prompted them to respond as triple-qualified leads

Results: Within 3 months, the client enjoyed multiple streams of qualified leads to the client’s sales force, each representing annual billings of $25,000 to $300,000. As the client grows, it continues to move from smaller accounts to 500-plus-employee companies as target customers.

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