"…enabled optimizing to increase the most profitable segments…"

Situation: An online Canadian art and poster ecommerce website was getting good traffic numbers but poor sales conversions, with low margins per sale.

Challenge: Online posters and mass-produced wall art are priced as a commodity with razor thin margins. The majority of this clients’ and profits come from matting and framing, while the company’s traffic was mostly for low margin posters.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: e-MI’s customer-targeting keyword marketing program research tool delivered Sweet Spots reporting what the different customer groups were searching for, their keyword search volume, and their projected ROI. The clients’ Customer Sweet Spots identified four main groups by what each wanted:

  • Teenagers – wanted sports and action posters delivered in tubes with no framing
  • Young Adults – wanted movie posters and pop art with plain framing.
  • Renters & Homeowners – wanted fine art and decorator posters with high quality matting and framing
  • Corporate Customers – wanted framed prints for shop motivation and executive offices.

When customers landed on the same home page each group was turned off by marketing aimed at the other groups. For higher-conversion SEO internet marketing, we recommended splitting the website into four sections, with special Home-Pages, Landing Pages and features for each group:

  • The Teen section showed action-packed posters with its own fast on-site search.
  • For Yong Adults, we styled the Landing Page to show the posters as if in a theater lobby, searchable by genre, actor, director and title. 
  • Customized programming enabled the fine art and decorator poster section to show offerings online in ranges of matting and framing, with recommendations for matching style.
  • For corporate customers, we specified setting up accounts so each customers’ executives could order prints matted and framed in company-approved styles to give their offices a consistent look and feel.

Results: Their new strategic internet marketing focused on delivering streams of qualified leads and sales to each segment’s specific Landing Page. As each segment found exactly what they wanted, our client got more online customers and improved their ecommerce conversion rates from their most profitable segments without hurting low margin cash flow from basic posters. Addressing and building the custom market groups also enabled the company to retain more customers, reducing item costs and increasing  word-of-mouth and profits.

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