"…superior ROI with a validated business plan."

Situation: A holding company for mid-sized trucking firms wanted a way to market their business online that would identify and increase their higher profit logistics consulting services, shape organizational strategies, and extend their brand equity.

Challenge: The markets for logistics consulting are scattered, and prospects may search for logistics consulting differently. As a holding company, the client wanted to project ROI by customer stream before investing in marketing for logistics consulting.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: Our long-tail keyword research tool showed Sweet Spots with specific Voice Of The Buyer searches and online demand (“Transportation Logistics Services” 7,600 searches /yr. “Transportation Management Systems” 26,800 searches /yr. “Supply Chain Logistics Management” 86,000 searches/yr. etc,) for the higher profit services the client wanted to market.

Results: Even projecting extremely conservative payback per new logistics customer and a low conversion ratio, the client now knew what traffic to pull in and what to feature to each Customer Sweet Spot stream, enabling the holding company to project a superior ROI with a data-driven strategy for marketing its logistics services and getting more profitable customers.

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