"…improved visitor satisfaction & brand profile."

Situation: A F500 pharmaceutical company had good web traffic but a very high (80%) bounce rate for one of their branded vitamin products. Essentially, this client was investing in disappointing 80% of the visitors to their site. This high bounce rate was hurting their brand equity, when they needed to do a brand extension.

Challenge: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the terminology pharmaceutical companies can use in their marketing. This puts them at a disadvantage for selling vitamins against nutraceutical companies, which do not face the same FDA restrictions. The client had been trying to structure its website, content, optimization and social media around the FDA’s terminology restrictions with little success.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: e-MI used our long tail keyword research tool to precisely target what customers were seeking, and identified the FDA compliant keywords they were using to search. Our customer-targeting content management strategy enabled compelling descriptions that matched FDA regulations, and optimizing multiply search placements to pull in customers who would find exactly the labeling they wanted – thereby reducing the website bounce rate. e-MI provided experienced and knowledgeable pharma writers and delivered the approved content with new website navigation recommendations to the client’s web developer.

Results: The pharmaceutical client was able to optimize and target for the best opportunity FDA-approved customers by their measurable demand behaviors. Their bounce rate dropped from 80% to 30%, below the 40% average for most websites. This improved visitor satisfaction and reversed the damage being done to the client’s brand equity.

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