"Despite a down economy, thanks to the website, our 
online income is up 20% to 25%."

Situation: Client is a well-established company, serving the tri-state New York area, providing a large inventory of scaffolding, and related ladders, safety equipment, tool boxes and related products, maintained and distributed at their warehouses over 4 city blocks.

Challenge: This industry is closely tied to construction, reconstruction and maintenance projects and varies directly with the economy and interest rates. With the ‘great recession’, the client needed to get more customers for ladders, scaffolds and related safety products to generate additional cash flow, and to widen their marketing for scaffolding projects.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: e-MI worked with the client’s executives in a 3-part B2B lead generation marketing program to pull in those prospects who would be the most salable:

  • First, our long-tail keyword research tool developed customer-targeting Sweet Spots to find those prospects who wanted exactly the products the client was providing – or could offer. A surprising result was the demand for internal scaffolding for painters, plasterers, HVAC, electrical and remediation projects. 
  • Second, we guided rebuilding their website with ecommerce microsites and lead-generating Landing Page optimization for each group of products – while preserving their website’s well established look, feel and brand. 
  • Third, we managed high-conversion SEO internet marketing with their web developer so each microsite would be on the first page of organic search where the most salable prospects were looking, with a supporting content management strategy that gets top SEO, and features the exact products each was targeted customer looking for.

Results: The client happily reports that “Despite a down economy, thanks to the website, our income is up 20% to 25%.” The website’s customers call in their orders, and their sales people consistently report that customers say they are calling in from the website. Sales and rentals are up in aluminum scaffolding, suspended scaffolds, and especially in retail ladders and internal scaffolds sales. Because the e-MI’s strategic internet marketing gives top national placements, they are also getting calls from companies in other regions for construction projects, and are able to trade leads for NY area projects with scaffolding companies in other cities.,

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