"e-MI’s online marketing consult delivered streams 
of highly qualified cruise leads & sales based on 
Customer-Targeting sales strategy."

Situation: A major travel agency needed to get more customers for its cruise division.

Challenge: The cruise marketplace is fiercely competitive with quickly changing travel deals, while search optimization takes months.

Search Engine Marketing Solution: Using our long-tail keyword research tool we determined market groups with specific web intel and keyword search volume, quantified by their wants, needs and desires. Our online data-driven marketing identified four main market segments – singles and honeymooners, seniors, families with children, and corporate meetings. Each group wanted diverse amenities on the ship – different meal seatings, conflicting shore excursions, and entertainment choices, while competing for common spaces like uses for the auditorium, the lido bar, and business office services. Our Sweet Spots program specified the keywords to optimize for better qualified leads, with a website content management strategy that featured desired amenities separately for each group, with customer-targeting high-converting landing pages to pull it all together.

Results: The travel agency’s Sweet Spots online sales strategy enabled precision targeting for its main cruise market segments by their actual demand and search behavior, creating strong appeal and satisfied cruise customers. The agency’s SEO internet marketing was put on steroids, providing unique value and visibility to its cruise lines,, and gaining multiple top search engine placements for each group. The cruise line began expanding amenities aimed separately at each cruise customer segment.

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