How to Increase Your Sales & Leads Online – 
 By Multiplying All the Customers You Can Best Sell To!

Sales come from customers finding what they want, and “78% of buyers start their journey with a web search”* However,  US average online conversions from traffic (responses + sales + leads) are a low 1% to 3%.

The solution? Our Sweet Spots Program!

WE’VE MADE IT SIMPLE: The keywords prospects create to search tell you what they want to find, and the volume of searches for each keyword quantify online market demand. Moreover, long-tail keywords (70% of searches) are used by prospects that are more decided, specific and motivated.  So, CHOOSE  THOSE KEYWORD SEARCHERS THAT WILL GIVE YOU YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS! 

Our Sweet Spot Program does just that.

First, we find ALL the keywords searching for what you provide. Then, our program sorts and groups together all the long-tail keywords relevant to each of your products, services and solutions into Sweet Spots of customers all searching for what you offer.

The keywords in your Sweet Spots tell you what your prospects want, with their totaled keyword search volume  (online demand). This lets you see and choose all the customers you can best sell to.(Click here to see our demo).

Multiply Your Customers, Leads and SalesThen you multiply your streams of customers, sales, leads by choosing multiple Customer Sweet Spots!

We optimize a Landing Page to pull-in and sell to each Sweet Spot’s customers you choose.  Your Sweet Spot Landing Pages are high-converting because:

You have chosen high-value decided and motivated customers that are searching now for what you provide, and where you are the expert. Their keyword searches are the voice of your customer, telling you the specific content they want to see.

With our long-tail keyword research tool, you are targeting customers who are already decided and motivated to buy.

You get higher Pay-Per-Click and SEO search placements because you have highly targeted Landing Page optimization with relatively low search competition, and are featuring the on-target content Google needs to index.

Then you multiply your streams of high-value customers, sales and leads by choosing multiple Customer Sweet Spots!

For a more in-depth explanation on multiplying sales and the advantages of Customer Sweet Spots, download “Customer Sweet Spots – The Math & The Magic”

*Act-On Software, The High Performance Marketing Plan. 

Multiply Your Customers, Leads and Sales