Internet Marketing for Online Business – If it’s Not Good Business, It’s Not Good Marketing!


Targeting the right customers and markets, and knowing what they want, directs your entire business.  

But, the average online conversion rate  from traffic (includes responses as well as sales), including SEO and Pay-Per-Click, is only 1% to 3% . If you step back,, this is a 97% failure that makes little business sense

Our Customer Sweet Spot program more than fixes this.  We start from common business sense – that sales come from customers  finding what they want. And, on the internet, their keyword searches give you their demand intel and online search volume on what they want, letting you target all the customers that are  best for your business. 


Starting from targeting online customers by what they are already searching for sounds obvious, but it ‘flips’ optimizing for traffic – with huge advantages:

We we gather ALL the long-tail keywords searched by prospects looking for what you offer – your products, services and solutions.  On average, prospects  searching with long-tail keywords (3 words or more) are  more decided, motivated and telling  you specifically what they need to find. 

It enables choosing which searchers will be your best customers – your most salable, profitable and satisfiable, and…

It wins at PPC & SEO, getting better first page Google placements, with lower competition and…

It gives you a simple search engine marketing solution that makes business sense!

Long-tail keywords are 70% of all searches, and each has variations that mean the same  thing – for example  “Small business health insurance” and “Health  insurance for small business” etc.  have the same intent. Google reports the number of each of these searches separately.  Then…

From Google’s keyword data, our Sweet Spots program sorts and groups together ALL the keywords searching for what you provide, and totals their search volume into Sweet Spot streams so you can easily see and choose ALL the best customers for your business:.

Now you  can choose multiple streams of your online customers by what they already want to get, who will be best for your business, and that you can best sell to.

Our customer-targeting strategic internet marketing does just that. It starts from business thinking – and is delivering more and better customers, sales and lead generation to small, medium and enterprise companies, proven over eight years.

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