Let’s get right to it. You are already on the right track because you are thinking of “More Customers” rather than “More Traffic”. In fact, traffic-based online marketing averages only 1% to 3% responses – a 97% failure rate! 

Instead, we multiply your customers, sales and leads by targeting and pulling-in your online customers are by what they already want to get. 

First, the keywords customers create tell you what they need to find. And, we have found that the longer the keywords (long-tail keywords – 3 words or more) they create to search, the more specific they are in what they want, and the more decided and motivated they are to act.

Our long-tail keyword research tool pre-qualifies and groups your customers  into Sweet Spots by the products, services and solutions you provide. Now you can see and choose ALL your best customers – your most salable, profitable and satisfiable. 

And, the volume of searches for each keyword tells you their online market demand., so you know which are in high enough numbers and ROI  to pull in.

It’s a Business  Solution – Keyword Searches for What You Offer = Customers

From Google’s keyword data, our Sweet Spots program sorts ALL the keywords searching for what you provide, groups them into prospects looking for the same things, so you can choose ALL the best customers for your business:

Those who you can best sell to vs. your competition, and…

Those who are the most profitable for you, and…

Those with enough search demand  and ROI to be worth targeting, and…

Those you can best satisfy, who will build your brand, reputation and customer retention

The bottom line –  your Customer Sweet Spots give you the best content management strategy with low competition for high conversion SEO Internet Marketing –  and enable multiplying your customers, sales and lead generation.

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