How to Get Website Traffic That Wants To Buy!

How? Get customers who are already decided and motivated, and searching specifically for the products, services and solutions you offer.

On average, just chasing traffic is a losing proposition. 97% of visitors are of marginal value at best – because the national average is only 1% to 3% result in online conversions (includes click-through ‘responses’ – not necessarily sales or  good leads). 

Moreover,  chasing online traffic is NOT FREE – it’s expensive!  Here’s why:

Think about it – the more traffic you go after, the more general the keywords you have to market with, and the more undecided most of your visitors will be. 

And, shorter and more general keywords have brutally high competition for SEO placements and online ads.   

For example, optimizing for just “office phones” means fighting for low conversion ‘tourist’ traffic at a high cost while “VOIP Cordless Office Phones” will get more serious customers and sales – and with lower search marketing competition.  

The Bottom Line – the keywords you choose determine the customers you will get!  


Rather than chasing traffic, the answer comes from working backwards from “What makes a sale?” The simple search engine marketing solution – Sales come from customers finding what they want, how and when they want it.

So, how do you get the intel to pre-qualify, target and market to your best customer traffic?  Here’s how, and we do it for you!

On average, customers searching with longer keywords give higher conversions because they are telling you specifically what they want, and are more decided and motivated to act. For example, “Ohio small business health insurance” will give a higher percentage of valuable customers than searchers for just “business health insurance”.

Our  Customer Sweet Spot program finds ALL the  keywords  your prospects are searching with  for the products, services, and solutions you provide, then groups all closely related keyword variations that are searching for the same thing into Customer Sweet Spots.

Each Customer Sweet Spot  also totals the search volume for it’s closely related keywords, so you  have the intel to easily see your best customer streams with the highest online demand. 

Even better, you multiply your best sales and leads by choosing multiple  Customer Sweet Spots, each searching differently for your products, services and solutions.  

The result:  You proactively target and pull-in your best traffic to get more and better customers, sales and leads – proven over eight years.

Get Targeted Website Traffic