Online lead generation marketing for B2B companies is special:

Buyers and sellers are both experts, so conversations on specs and solutions are very high value

The numbers of searches are often less than for consumers, but with much higher ROI

Satisfaction is crucial, because B2B buyers are often looking for a supplier relationship – by targeting the customers you best satisfy, you expand retention and trade recommendations!

Our strategic internet marketing program pre-qualifies each lead  for you by their keyword search, groups them into Customer Sweet Spots so you get ALL relevant streams of searchers, and totals their keyword search volume demand. The ‘tourists’ are filtered out, and the real customers are grouped and totaled by the great products, services and solutions that they already need and you provide. 

Choosing customers from your Sweet Spots gives you the intel to choose those you can best sell to, by what they need, who are the most profitable, and who will be the most satisfied for word-of-mouth and retention.

Online B2B Lead Generation Marketing

Targeting searchers using long-tail keywords gives you customers that are more decided and motivated to buy – and that are telling you specifically what they need to find.

Longer keywords are created by quality customers who are  more decided, motivated and specific  – and further along in their buying-cycle!

Even better, the numbers of specific  Sweet Spot keyword searches tell you their actionable market demand, so you don’t waste your time on low volume.

Then, by choosing multiple Customer Sweet Spots, you multiply your streams of  leads, customers, and sales.

What would significantly more and better customers mean to your bottom-line?

Especially in B2B, each company is different, and we consult with you to make your Online B2B Lead Generation happen – every step of the way 

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