Choosing your best customer keywords is not a business solution if you can’t project your ROI.

Your online customer-targeting Sweet Spots solve this:

As part of targeting your new customers by what they already want, our program totals each Sweet Spot’s US long-tail closely-related keyword search volume. This enables choosing each customer stream by their true online demand…

Keyword Search Volume

Projecting their US sales, customers, lead generation and ROI, and…

By month(s) or latest year, and…

Reported by state, large counties and/or cities

This gives you the data-driven online marketing intel and quantified search criteria to project sales, leads and ROI for each keyword group of customers:

Customer Sweet Spots with lower keyword search volume can deliver great ROI if your profit per sale is high, with little online SEO competition 

By choosing multiple customer Sweet Spots, you can multiply your results by targeting web pages and Landing Pages exactly to each stream of customers’ keyword searches! 

Plus, you have crucial SEO and PPC advantages by featuring  specifically what your chosen customers want to buy:

Provides the best content management strategy, for SEO and Pay-Per-Click, and…

Guides the best customer-targeting Landing Page optimization for your customers, sales, lead generation and SEO

And, we consult with you every step of the way 

See How Sweet Spot Keyword Search Volume Projects Your ROI