By using our long-tail keyword research tool and High Conversion SEO Internet Marketing to target and pull-in ALL your best online customers, you will multiply your customers, sales and leads with higher profits and lower costs per sale.

Here’s how:

Long tail keywords (3 or more words) are where your best sales and lead generation are because the best prospects have built specific keywords over repeated searches:

Long-Tail Keyword Research Tool

On average, long-tail search customers are more decided and motivated about what they want, vs. short keyword ‘tourists’, and…

They are telling you more specifically what they need to see, so you know which to choose, and the content to show them, and…

Your Customer Sweet Spots show totaled search volume for each long-tail keyword, with higher conversions and lower SEO & PPC competition

Our long-tail keyword research tool collects ALL the short and long-tail keyword searches for each product, service and solution you offer, then groups together closely-related keyword variations into “Sweet Spot” streams of qualified customers who are searching for the exact same thing – with their totaled keyword search volume

Then, from our Sweet Spots’ long-tail keyword research, it’s easy to choose and get your best quality customers for sales, leads and ROI:

Those that are the most salable for you, where you are the expert, and…

Those whose sales will be the most profitable, and…

Those you can best satisfy, building your retention, word-of-mouth and brand.

With their totaled keyword search volume for each of your products, services and solutions, we can target which decided customers are worth going after and choose the best.

Very simply, by showing you what these searchers are already looking for, and their keyword search volume, each Sweet Spot makes it easy to target your best online customers and then multiply their sales by choosing multiple Sweet Spots.

It all works together – and we work with you every step of the way from targeting customers to online marketing.

Customer-Winning Long-Tail Keyword Research Tool