For too long, online marketing has failed to provide a sales business solution.

Online marketing is a serious investment, and the customers you get determine how your business operates, succeeds and grows. How can you project sales, leads and ROI if you can’t see the customers you want, and know their specific search volume market demand?  When was the last time a web developer or consultant even mentioned “customers”, “sales”, “leads” or “ROI”?

Bottom-line, the only keyword analysis that matters is: “Are you crushing more and better customers, sales and leads?” But, the keywords you optimize with determine the customers you get.

So, to choose the best searches by the customers you want, you need to first see and compare ALL the keyword solutions they are searching for, with data-driven online marketing criteria that lets you quickly and easily decide which customers that are your best to get:

Keyword Analysis Tool

Looking for the products, services and solutions you offer, or could provide, and…

Your most salable solutions against competition, and where you are the expert, and…

Gives you more profitable sales and leads with higher ROI, and…

That you can satisfy, and will build your retention, word-of-mouth, and reputation, and…

Have sufficient keyword search volume to be rewarding?

Our business tool for keyword analysis crushes any other method because it starts from targeting all your customers, and getting you the best:

Analysis against ROI: Are 100 customer responses and 40 sales good or bad? It’s bad if there are 100,000 low-profit online customers and good if there are 10,000 high-profit customers.  With your Customer Sweet Spots, you have the practical intel to judge.

Enables precise A/B testing on content, PPC and SEO for high converting Landing Pages, Calls-To-Action and supporting pages on delivering sales and leads.

Guides adjusting content and links for better Pay-Per-Click Quality Scores and top SEO placements against competitive websites

Seeing the salable markets, customers, products and services you COULD BE GETTING NOW!

And, our program includes go-to-market consulting services

See Our Crusher Business Tool for Keyword Analysis